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If not, maybe see if you can do without them for 2 weeks. It appears that I have silent reflux per an ENT and a gastro doctor along with a likely case of gastritis no scope or anything, but had it yrs ago, and feeling is similar, did not have silent reflux then. Any ideas on how to approach this? Also I was wondering where you stand on Fermented Vegetables?

I would imagine that foods like cabbage, Sauerkraut , Carrots and Cauliflower etc would be OK if they are lac-to-fermented with Salt water instead of Vinegar, are these OK. I am not eating them at the moment but would love to use them to get rid of those pickle cravings, and they make great accompaniments to many foods. My 3rd question is one that I am sure many readers of your book are thinking. I know I would buy it! Some people get withdrawal symptoms when they remove certain foods from their diet, especially sugar and caffeine but other foods as well.

The only fermented food the authors discuss in the book is Asian fermented beans, which are used in small amounts in one recipe. Fermented vegetables are generally lacto-fermented, and that process produces lactic acid, which is what preserves the food. For food safety, the pH should be 4. Fermented veggies get more acidic over time if left at a temperature where the beneficial lactobacillus bacteria can continue to ferment. I was curious about carob and stevia.

I have seen many listings for stevia as being very alkaline. I believe the listing I saw for carob said it was alkaline as well. I love chocolate a lot and thought carob might be a good substitute. I have been to dozens of doctors and specialists most of my life up until a month ago and none of these doctors mentioned to me about Silent reflux which is what I have been suffering with all my life, it was my daughter that googled and stumbled upon it silent reflux apparently been known for around 6 years.

Is this even possible?? I prayed for the day that I could find out what was wrong with me before I died one day and not being able to prove to those around me that everything I felt and went through was not made up but was actually real. I am finding it very difficult to get past this.

I am now taking all the right medications religiously because I know, thanks to my daughter where I could have for the last 6 years avoided the suffering that I went through unnecessarily. Am soooo disappointed with doctors, cant even begin to describe the anger I feel for them failing to tell me when all I see now on the net is tons of news on silent acid reflux how can they not have known?

My thought of the day is if google could issue patients with scripts I would avoid seeing doctors as much as possible. Very sad, feel sorry for all those poor people like myself out there that this might be happening to. Sorry to hear about so much suffering. Doctors are bombarded with information, and the same symptom can have many different meanings. Is sugar ok in these? Thanks so much. Hi Jocelyn, There are a number of recipes that contain brown sugar, turbinado sugar, or honey.

Would this diet still be appropriate for me? I think LPR can include indigestion, though not in everyone. Try the diet to see how it works for you. Carbs are often the cause of bloating, especially those that are less digestible — make sure you chew them really well, and avoid foods that give you the strongest symptoms if possible. Can you recommend any specific type of cereal? I assumed something like regular Cheerios would be good, which I will eat, but I was hoping for something with a little more flavor such as Honey Nut Cheerios.

Also, regarding foods that are NOT listed on the induction list: Specifically, light butter and light mayonaise. I would like to use some light spray butter on whole-grain toast and light mayo in a chicken salad sandwich. Since those items are used in the recipes in the book, do you think those would be okay to use otherwise in limited amounts? Thanks so much for your input and apologies if you have already answered these types of questions already. And sugar is considered by many to cause other health issues.

Up to you whether you want to include it in your diet or not. As long as you fit within that parameter, having a small amount of foods that contain some fat would be okay on this diet. I take 40mgs of Nexium twice a day,40mgs of Pepcid at bedtime and Gaviscon prn. I had surgery on my vocal folds in January, to remove Lueka Plakia, I have never smoked. I am a singer and after four months of speech and voice therapy was allowed to rejoin my choir.

But now after a month my voice is acting up again. I am not aware of reflux so if I am refluxing I dont know it. I am also very prone to thrush.

I used to be considered a severe asthmatic since age four and have even been on a venilator in My asthma is controlled completely with Advair. For the last few days I have not used my Advair and I am doing fine. I always have a rescue inhaler close by but have not had to use it. I am a retired respiratory therapist so I know the dangers. Is it possible for damage done if any by Advair to be reversed? My bed is raised up by 4. I am followed by an Internest and a ENT specialist. I have not told them yet that I have discontinued the Advair. I just want to get through this singing season and then I will go back to Advair if necessary.

I am also losing wieght by portion control,45lbs so far. I have had an EGD and a colonoscopy, both clear. My question is; is there anything else I can do or should be looking at? Sign me frustrated. Sorry to hear about your voice and breathing problems, and congratulations on your weight loss progress to date. Thanks Penny. Yes I am following my Drs. I do eat a lot of veggies no tomatoes in any way shape or form no onions etc.

I have always favored a bland diet so the diet part of all this does not bother me at all. I do challenge foods from time to time. I had to give up Broccoli and honey. I drink Yakult once a day to prevent the thrush that I am prone to, could this be a problem? I also agree that everyone is different and we have to be aware of what our bodies are telling us, my ENT stressed that. I am extremely active for my age 75 and otherwise in exellent health. You say that we must avoid peppers, does that include sweet bell peppers. I have never liked any that are hot also I hate spicey food.

Bell peppers have some acidity, and the authors recommend limiting red peppers and excluding green peppers. Hi Penny. I think I have esophageal pseudo dyspnea or false shortness of breath due to esophagitis. I am taking 40mg Prilosec every morning and 40mg Pepcid in the evening day 4 of a 2 week course. I am working on my diet and wonder what your thoughts are on candied ginger.

I am into day 2 of the induction diet and I take 20mg of pantroprazole twice a day, once 30 mins before breakfast and once 30 mins before evening meal. If your doctor prescribed the medication, check with them first. You should be able to reduce or come off medications when you no longer have symptoms. You could try reducing the dose to once a day, see if symptoms reappear, and if not stop taking it altogether.

I am a vegetarian ther does not seem to be much protein for a veggi. Can I eat Linda MCartney sausages. Hi, I hope this question gets to you. Was wondering my gluten free bread contains no nuts, dairy or soy. Would that be OK? So, unless it contains a lot of ingredients with a low pH, it should be okay. In the book it says that I can eat anything from the recipes. I am a bit confused. I am frustrated with this Refex! I have been doing pretty good and watching what I eat! I have been really sad knowing I can not eat many foods!

Anyway I bought turkey cold cuts all real, and my throat burned up like I was on fire!! I also bought organic blueberry salad dressing! Had them both for lunch! I do not know witch one is the trigger I have to have the pain all over again! Just to know which one to put aside!! How did I get this two years ago? I am so happy to know I am not alone! Sorry to hear about your frustrations. Hope that helps!

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Thank your for your response. I found it out it was from the very trimmed turkey! I had it again!! Thanks for being here. I found out it was the Organic blueberry dressing ,had citrus acid and I missed it! The expense turkey is still a mystery!

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I have been diagnosed with barrots Esophagus. But cannot eat anything due to my condition. Is it ok to have juices like Apple juice or milkshake like banana shake. Would really appreciate your feedback on this. The authors say you can have low-fat or fat-free milk or soy milk. Try a small amount at first and see whether it causes an issue for you. I have had LPR for at least 5 years now. I have been on the special low fat, low acid diet for a couple of months now without great improvement.

Do you think its unreasonable to expect a great change after only a few months? Also I was wondering if I started to take L Glutamine and or organic apple cider vinegar would these cause a negative effect? Are you keeping an eye out for trigger foods for reflux, outside just low fat and low acid? There are some weird and unexpected triggers out there. How can the Reflux diet be incorporated into a diabetic diet. Most diabetics can not have complex carbs-bagels, bread etc.

Of course there are some authorities who say that diabetics should eat large amounts of unrefined carbs and avoid fat, but that opinion is trending out. A few thoughts — check to see whether fats are a trigger for you personally; eat plenty of vegetables that have some carbs but also a lot of fiber; eat enough protein so you can be satiated without needing a lot of carbs. I still am having a great deal of problems with this acid reflex! It has been a rollercoster trying foods.

Been awhile now! I do not understand how I got this? Going out to eat and going to friends home is just the worst! I had to stop that! Exercise has been keeping me sane! Will this ever go away? Sorry to hear about your continuing issues. Has your doctor offered you any medications which might help speed the healing process along a little? Yes I have been on pantoprazole for a while, seems to work for some time and then nothing! I hear just give it more time. I do not like to cook and live alone, so I just try to eat healthy and simple.

I miss cooking when I did not have the reflex. I get over whelmed what to eat! I also have bloat and working with this as well. I love low fat yogurt and I hope that well not be a issue. Two years ago I could eat anything! What is this I hear about ph level and what is a good level? What salad dressing can I have?

I thank you for being here, I do not anyone that is going thru this. The book says that in most cases you should eat foods with a pH above 4. Yogurt has a pH between 4. Thank you for your response! I have found some dressings in the store and yogurt that do not have any acid in them since I typed this! Thank you again, the bloat has now gone since I am eating much better! Throat is doing much better as well but sometimes…. I have been diagnosed with barrots Esophagus, I experience severe depression and anxiety at times.

Is this related to barrots Esophagus? Do other people with barrots Esophagus, experience depression and anxiety. We are allowed caramel 4 times a week I believe. What is this caramel…the caramel candy or a type of sauce? Also, do you still take medication? How long was it before you were completely healed, and could start introducing trigger foods again? And if you have slight symptoms that creep back, just let them heal again? I found that for a few years I had symptoms from time to time — usually in the spring and fall for me.

Worth keeping an eye out for any unusual symptoms — like the cough I get after fatty foods. After testing, etc. Now I know why sweet taste bitter and vice versa. Now I know what caused the pain and now we can do something about it. While waiting for surgery, I completely eliminated all my favorites: pork, cheese, muffins, scrambled eggs with cheese, bagels with cream cheese…all that was eaten in moderation anyway due to the bitter taste that was left in my mouth.

Never had the surgery. Well, it was January 6, It was different. It was right under my chest area. It felt like someone one stabbing and burning me with a red hot poker at the same time. I finally regurgitated and even though my throat was burning, the excruciating pain was subsiding and I was able to lay in the bed. Never mind supplements. My doctor tried those with me for over a year until she realized that I need a hematologist, not a customer representative at my neighborhood drug store.

I just want to eat, eat healthy, be healthy — but mainly eat without fear. Acid reflux can leave a sour taste in your mouth sometimes interpreted as bitter , from the acid being regurgitated. You could try this diet to see if it works for you — and possibly try acid reducers as well for a while to see whether they mask your symptoms enough for you to start eating again. What about herbal teas, that are non-fruit? The authors say that chamomile tea is the bets tea for refluxers, but most other herbal teas are not okay Induction Reflux Diet — The Best Foods List.

Peppermint is a notorious reflux trigger. I do not understand this, hoping someone can ease my mind feeling very frustrated! I do not understand why I can not have low calorie pancake syrup? Had it 2 different times to see if it was the syrup, and it rips my throat! There is not acid in it!! Also whole grain squares cereal does the same!! Please help me understand this! My own Dr. Thank you for all your answers. I had a question regarding gum. Dr Kaufman recommends chewing gum. What gum can you chew.? Mint gum is off limits?

If it is what gum should we chew. Most fruit gums have some acid in them? Good question about gum. You could try another fruit flavor, e. Dr Kaufman and another scientist issued a study on how gum affects your throat acid levels refluxcookbookblog. The FAQs on the blog say that it can be okay in moderation, but not for every day. Maybe try skipping it in induction and seeing how it feels when you reintroduce it. Trying to NOT eat after 6 pm is difficult, and planning everything is also difficult.

I think the first two days I actually just ate oatmeal and dried multigrain cereal! If I follow your list, plus quit smoking too. Hi, I have had GERD for 10 years, and have had this under control with 40mgs daily of Nexium, and reducing the amount of trigger foods and alcohol I consume. I have been overweight, so recently decided to step it up, and started eating salad for lunch daily with salmon, eating even less fatty foods, stop drinking alcohol altogether and do more exercise. This was going great for the first 3 to 4 weeks, until I started to get the feeling of having a lump in my throat, a metalic taste in my mouth and feeling very weak.

I have been doing some reading and notice that I have been eating lots of beans, in my salad, and eating vinegar dressing daily, cucumbers, tomatoe, and have hit the coffee pretty hard, since being on the diet. Could this have triggered these symptoms, and if I obstain and follow diet, do you think this will fix my issues and me return to my former health. Rgs Gavin, from Sydney Australia.

Check if you have acid reflux

Hi Penny, Thanks for reply. Will do. Its really weird though, as this happened one time before when I was stressed, and changed my diet dramatically, with feeling weak, bad taste and lump in my throat. Hoping its not a reoccurance of something like silent reflux which has same simptoms. Went away last time after some time when I took Zantac, eat light foods, and rested, so hope this works this time. Rgs, Gavin.

When the recipes in the book include a fat, the fats used are: butter in a couple of recipes and olive oil in quite a few recipes. Pan spray and mayonnaise are also in a couple of recipes — these tend to be vegetable fat. My silent reflux even resulted in asthma!! Praying that starting to eat differently will help. Now to wait for the book to reach me. This is really great info. I suffered from acid reflux for many years and this is the type of advice that really helped me to overcome my problem.

So, to all you sufferers, YES! There is hope! I was lucky to find some great advice that helped me overcome my acid reflux and get better. Congratulations Kaki! How long did it take for you to heal your throat? I tried the induction diet and still on the maintenance diet. Please share your thoughts. It may be worth doing the induction diet without tempeh, and testing to see whether you have a reaction to it after your reflux has healed. After a bout of the flu in March that lasted 8 weeks, I was put on all kinds of meds…antibiotic, Breo, Advair, Dynamist, Nasonex…you name it.

I started having some stomach discomfort at the end of the 2 weeks of antibiotics…. I started taking a probiotic…. I thought, according to the book, I could have avocado. This morning I had a piece of Ezekiel toast with a light coating of raw organic sunflower seed butter. I am eating potatoes, lots of greens, mushrooms, fennel, lettuce, olives only in brine , carrots, celery, tofu, rice, quinoa, couscous plain..

Bananas not so much. I may try again and see if that was the cause. I had a pear yesterday, and it seemed okay. Did you try different varieties?

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About 7 years ago I tested positive for H. Pylori, was treated, and am retested every six months…. Now for the kicker….. I feel better than I have. I understand that if I had heartburn that the prednisone would bother me. I still have a post nasal drip…. Seeing my naturopath this Friday. I hope he can test me for LPR.

I want my life back. Before the endoscopy I tried everything. I was drinking Kombucha, eating all my usual greens and fruits, tofu…. I was also having a half glass of warm water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Bad anxiety with all this crap going on. My doc never asked…. I have a chamomile lavender tea- is lavender ok? Any guidance on licorice root, dandelion…basically are all herbs ok besides mints? Mints are a trigger for many people with reflux.

I have Vocal Cord Dysfunction and 7 children. I have always been very active and then one day I was gasping to breathe. I am went to ample specialist, went into to see Dr. Trying to find a way to just breathe was a daunting task. Little did I know that acid could also leave you with so little air. I found out about this book through my support group. I bought this book and started the induction diet 3 days ago. I was wondering about garlic salt. I have been using garlic salt as a seasoning. Should I stop? Also, is it OK to have a glass of skim milk with dinner, or should I stick to water?

Note that there are a number of food plans that suggest that milk in any form is a mucus-producer, so you might want to test to see whether it has that effect on you. At night I can feel the acid going up to my throat and burning it. The result was my chronic cough and spasms are gone, but in October I got the acid induced sore throat. My throat can feel good for four or five days, but if I eat certain foods it comes back.

Yesterday I ate canned beets with no listed acidy ingredients and my throat is killing me again. I was having trouble with hoarseness also, but my voice came back pretty strong a couple of weeks ago once I cut out many foods with acidity. This is a super-helpful site — thank you. I have recently been diagnosed with Silent Reflux and advised to change my lifestyle. In addition I have been advised to drink lots of sparkling water. Would you recommend this? It does make me burp lots! Just curious — did your doctor suggest lots of sparkling water to help with silent reflux, or was that a recommendation from someone else for some other reason?

I am still having trouble with a sore throat some days even though I got rid of my chronic cough and esophageal spasms except for a mild, single spasm occasionally. Any guidance regarding a remedy for belching causing throat pain would be wonderful. Have you healed your LPR? I seem to reflux no matter what I eat.

I used slippery elm lozenges for sore throat. They stop the throat from hurting. Also, they cause salivation, and saliva has a high pH, which is good for your reflux. Or you can chew gum to produce saliva. The problem is for four years since her stroke I am always worried about her falling, taking her medications properly, her diet, etc and she always wants to be active which is worse for my stress, but better for her. To add to my stress load, my brother lives in the same house as us and does nothing to help me with Mom and we both have stopped speaking to him for 15 months over this.

Anyway, thanks for all the great suggestions, I will try to stay away from belching causing foods. I tried slippery elm lozenges, they dry out my throat and make me worse. Most chewing gum is burning my throat, I read that gum is loaded with toxic ingredients hidden under the label of gum base. I found organic honey hard candy with no acids, lemon, or menthol and they are wonderful, but I am wondering if sucking on those is causing more belching.

Thanks so much for your responses! Wondering whether you might swallow air in that process. I read someplace that gatgling with baking soda will reduce the acidity in my throat and the salt gargle will help to heal the throat, I do the salt and baking soda gargle separately. I bought Georges aloe vera and starting gargling with that instead of the baking soda, and I got instant telief from my sore throat the first time I gargled, continued the gargle twice daily without the other gargles so much, except for the plain ph water gargle I do after I eat and when I get up in the morning.

The sore throat has not returned for one week now ever since I started the aloe gargle! I just received the ph testing strips from Amazon and my saliva ph is 6. Thanks for your concern and very helpful advice, I am trying all your suggestions. I am so excited that my throat feels better know without the burning, I hope it lasts! I gargled with the aloe vera this morning and I started belching afterward, I never noticed gargling as one of the direct causes of my belching until you mentioned it.

I will keep up the gargles with the Evamor ph water because if pepsin stays stable with ph 7 or less, it makes a lot of sense to me to kill any pepsin being activated with an acidity food I may have consumed with the ph water.

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I just tested my filtered tap water with the testing strips and it tested between ph 4. I am in the process of learning how to alkalize my tap water to a balanced ph7. My almond milk tested less acidic than my tap water. I still take Zantac every night or before a bigger meal to reduce acid levels. Thanks so much for helping me!

I have recently been diagnosed with LPR. At the moment I am avoiding all foods that may trigger a reaction. I was an avid peppermint tea drinker, but now realise this contributes to acid problems. Drinking is my main worry. Does anyone have any ideas what I could drink? I have tried chamomile and liquorish, but both are too sweet.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received. After I got the high acid reading 4. Anyway, sore throat gone for two weeks now, this is the longest stretch since October, of pain free throat. I used your tips to stop belching and the frequency has been reduced, and I notice when I eat foods with gluten I belch endlessly all day, so the last two days of no gluten has stopped the belching to a few daily.

I scratch tested negative for gluten allergy, but maybe I just have gluten sensitivity. Penny; I just ordered the book. I have barretts esophagus for last 18 years. It was dysplagia and now moved up to Low grade. I was wondering in the supplements I take for my arthritis, I take Kyolic garlic turmeri. Should I stop taking these during the induction phase of the diet. But should I start with a fresh base line. Thx for all your help.

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I am not going to take it… Do you know of any good ones. Garlic is a pretty common trigger food, so it would be worth avoiding it for a while and then testing to see if re-introducing it causes issues for you. For arthritis, have you tried avoiding arthritis trigger foods such as nightshade family foods tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers or other possible triggers such as sugar, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, gluten? The H2 blocker Zantac ranitidine-generic seems to work well for me to stop the liquid acid from coming up into the throat and Gaviscon Advanced the better version made in London can be taken with it.

I sort of like the concept of Chinese medicine. Enjoy the book. Ditto with flaxseed oil. So you could probably take another fish oil, or fish oil with curcumin, if that helps your arthritis. If you want you could cut it for a while and add it back in to see whether it affects your reflux. Again, you could try to test it to see whether it triggers your reflux.

Please do a similar search to find the options available. You could check with the manufacturer. I also saw the Blue bonnet calcium I take has citric acid and Lily of the valley Aloe vera has citric acid in it. Yes, life sure does get interesting! Citric acid is indeed acidic. Do you consider that an issue? Also going on 3rd day of induction tomorrow, taking the ranitidine. Definitely makes sense to me to keep the acid down and not activate the pepsin in the esophagus.

Thx for your help. Butter has The book suggests tablespoons of olive oil per day which has Onions are a trigger for many people, so onion powder could be a trigger — depends how sensitive you are to small amounts. Thx for the info; I was just checking with frito Lay Co on some of there products Baken-ets chicharrones, fritos, low salt potato chips and tostitos. I talked to one of their Nutritional specialist via E chat do see if they could provide any Info on PH of the products listed. She told me they do not test for PH so cannot provide any info on the products.

So I was wondering if any body out there has tested PH on some of these products if so could you let me know. May I should get a PH tester. All I need is another gadget, though I hear they are very sensitive to use. You should also be avoiding trigger foods which may or may not have low pH , including limiting fats, which the book says are a common trigger of reflux. The book also suggests that you stick to whole-grain instead of processed carbohydrates.

I am looking for something that could be spread on toast etc. Do you think that this blend is doable on the diet. I wish I could test the PH of it. Again, the pH is not the only thing to watch out for — the fact that this product is a fat is more important in this case. No other fats are suggested on the induction diet. Notice that all these are natural fats, not processed fats like the butter substitute you describe above. If you really wanted to use that butter substitute, you should limit the amount to about 1 tablespoon per day.

Alternatively, you could use real butter, which is not processed. Additionally, nothing processed, canned, boxed, etc is not allowed either, so chips and Fritos are eliminated by that criteria also, right Penny? Soybeans soak up the most aluminum from the ground of any bean, I avoid all soy and soy derivitives in food when I shop, too much controversy over soy and breast cancer, thyroid problems, memory loss, etc.

Boy, was my throat sore the next day! I learned my lesson to stick close to the induction diet to heal my throat and reflux, who knows, I must have to eat this way for the rest of my life. Forgot to mention in my previous post that we had a water main break at my house on Monday, the water flowing in was brown as the workers were repairing the pipe, it eventually turned clear when they finished, but the filtered water reverted back to ph 4.

I hope changing the filter again will give me ph 6. Jeena sorry about your water main. I was just wondering about chips etc for when I am off the induction diet and wondering what the PH is of packaged products like that.

Will also stop the ranitidine then and see how I feel. Also doing digestive accupressure on a daily basis and drinking my chamomile tea. Penny I have a question I read on a post that somebody put ateaspoon and a half in their diced tomato sauce to deactivate the acid of the tomatoes.

I have never tried that does it really work? Let me know THX. I have had a chronic cough off and on for years. Also, is low-fat almond milk okay to use instead of soy or cow milk? Cinnamon is a trigger food for some people — you might want to avoid it on your induction diet, and then see if you react when you reintroduce it later. Penny I was wondering if you knew if we can eat dried gogi berries, they work great on cereal. Suggest avoiding them in the induction diet, and introducing them to see if you have any adverse response to them. Penny, I have been dealing with reflux disease for at least 4 years now.

I think you have heard it before. The Dropping Acid book by Dr. Koufman has been a Godsend for me! I use it all the time to help me navigate what I can and cannot eat. These pears are not listed in Dr. Do you know what it is? Obviously, I will eliminate them from my diet and do an induction so I can heal my throat, but I would like more detailed info on this pear. Ruth, Think of pears as being similar to apples. So glad I found your blog. I purchased Dropping Acid and following the diet for one week so far. My questions regard onion and garlic, can I use powdered onion and garlic?

My GI Doctor did not discuss diet with and the thought of not tasting onion and garlic is depressing. Try to take this one step at a time — most important to start with is healing. Avoid powdered onion and garlic for now, as they can be triggers, and you want to avoid triggers so you can heal up. We also believe there is a major link between reflux and asthma and other lung diseases.

I changed my water filter after the water main break and the ph went back up to 6. I drink a couple of glasses a day in between meals and gargle with it after meals, sometimes I add aloe vera juice to it. I even cheated and had a few cherry tomatoes in my salad a few times and I got away with it, lol! Regarding the pear question, when my sore throat was acting up I ate a bartlett pear and it irritated by throat even more, so I threw out the remaining pears. Some people try meditation or hypnosis to help them break habits like that.

What is your opinion on this. I have Barretts so want to be careful. I have been following the induction diet thinking I might go a week or two longer with it. Its weird but took renaditine for a week but then stop 2nd week in induction phase and it seemed like the reflux was worse after I stopped it. If you stop taking it before your wounds have healed, your system will go back to producing acid like previously, and it can feel like the reflux is back with a vengeance. I have another question that is confusing me. Do you know in your opinion is this DGL an issue for a person on the dropping acid regime and if so do you know of another product that could be used.

Thx for your input. You could try stopping it for a bit and then reintroducing it not at the same time as reintroducing other things and see if it affects your symptoms. Hi Penny, can you please confirm if leeks and spring onions are to be avoided on the induction diet? I understand that onions are to be avoided and yes, they do raise symptoms with me but unsure if leeks and spring onions would have the same effect?

I cannot eat tomatoes or fried food at all! I would like to integrate them back in, so wondering what kind and how much can I eat. Nuts are rather fatty, so for that reason the book recommends you limit them to small amounts, perhaps as a topping instead of eating them out of hand. Some people might find them a trigger even in small amounts — worth checking your reactions to see how they affect you. Penny: Well, I sent last question then your replies showed up.

But when I close out it reverts back. Must be computer issues. Well any way I wanted to know a little bit about you, are you suffering from acid reflux etc, and are you a chef.. Do you know why? When people ask questions I go back to the book to check what the author says, or check their website or social media.

Hi Penny, Thank you so much for your generosity and taking time to answer all these questions. How nice! I have done a quick read through the book while waiting for my copy to arrive, so I am not entirely clear on things right now. It is my understanding that Dr. So much conflicting info out there. Things need to change ASAP! I have been drinking copious amounts of beef bone broth to heal leaky gut and consuming kombucha fermented tea and sauerkraut as well. I note that beef bone broth is not mentioned anywhere, just chicken broth. However, it can contain enough fat to be a trigger choose lean meats instead to follow the recommendations in this book.

Kombucha and sauerkraut have wonderful properties but if you have a tendency to reflux you might want to wait until your reflux has healed, and then be careful reintroducing them. Penny: I have barretts, I have finished the induction phase but still am watching one I eat and avoiding many triggers. I would not rather make all my stock but it is so much easier to use the box stock. Do you have any that you can share? Have a look inside the recipes to find dressings.

Sweet Potato and Green Bean Salad — maple syrup, pineapple juice reduction, and soy sauce Asian Tuna Tartare — olive oil, sesame seeds, lemon rind, soy sauce, ginger, cilantro Crunchy Cucumber and Fennel Salad — fish sauce, ginger, apple juice, oyster sauce, and tarragon. A few weeks ago I stopped at a fast food place and ate a filet of fish on a bun sandwich with no french fries, and suffered a sore throat the next three days. Researching the ingredients of the fish sandwich revealed there were ingredients in the sandwich, three types of acids are contained just in the bread!

I tested my filtered tap water yesterday with the testing strip, and to my disappointment, it tested at ph 4. I was told my acidic tap water could be caused by the plumbing in my home. I can imagine how much acid is being consumed by people drinking acidic tap water and then adding coffee to it, in addition to all the acidic foods consumed. Penny I wanted to ask you a random question. I know you answer food questions specifically. I wonder if you know. I was wanting to make a natural rinse aid for the dishwasher. However, most natural ones have vinegar or citric acid in the mix.

I know in the book it says to limit foods with these ingredients. I want to get rid of all this acid. Does it eventually e er go away? Because I changed my diet, lost 30lbs, no more stomach pains or acid feeling but, I still feel a link in my throat and when I swallow a pill I feel it stuck in my throat all the damn time.

I mean what gives ugh. I have thought by changing my diet and losing weight would have helped. I just want it to go away for good. Does anyone have a aolution? I desperately would love to know if anyone has gotten better through their own diet and can tell me what to do. Thanks its nice to know there are decent people still left in the world. Have a great day. Maybe your throat still needs a little more time to fully heal. You might also want to check with your doctor to see that everything looks okay. I am happy to report I am over one month now with no sore throat, my longest stretch so far.

I bought alkazone drops to deacidfy my tap water, and I keep it with me at all times to deacidfy restaurant water. I no longer have the need to gargle to sooth my throat. The key for me is to stay away from trigger foods or eat them in very limited quantities and drink alkaline water. I am still belching but not as much, Penny I am still using your tips to avoid doing it. Additionally, one Zantac before bedtime helps me tremendously to avoid nightime reflux. I hope it continues, and please do let us know if you come across any new tips!

I am treating symptoms of LPR. The diet recommendations of many sites on LPR seem to be indicating an alkalizing diet. These sites say to avoid or limit citric including grapefruit. However, many sites focused on an Alkaline Diet or Alkalizing, say that grapefruit is highly alkalizing when ingested. I find this confusing. So is an alkalizing diet not exactly what is recommended for LPR? Have a great day! This acid can hurt you if you have reflux — before it gets far enough to have an alkalizing effect.

You can have an alkalizing diet, but avoid foods that are high-pH or that are reflux triggers. I had the internal scope and a PH Test done, and all came back normal. However my Doctor said that not uncommon. Could it be that the high fiber cereal is causing bloating or gas in some way? If so it might put air in your stomach and put some force to push up the esophagus.

Also, do I have to use alkaline water to cook with or could I use water from the fossit? Is using a spoon of vegetable oil okay to use instead of olive? What kind of herbs are acceptable when cooking? I use tumeric. And what are the best crackers to eat? Thank you so much, Helen. Are your symptoms any better than when you started the diet? In many cases, you can continue the diet until your symptoms disappear, then you can move on to the maintenance diet. It is not used in huge amounts. For this reason, we like to use the most flavorful fats, such as extra virgin olive oil, butter, imported Parmesan, or an extra sharp cheddar cheese.

Be careful to eat spices in moderation — turmeric can be a healing herb, but too much can be difficult for your body to process. This leads to indigestion and a worsening of the GERD symptoms. So when you consider turmeric for heartburn, it all comes down to whether your body is taking well to this alternative remedy. While turmeric works for some…and works great…it might not work for you. Just wanted to share what worked for me and my burning throat while I was on the diet 2 years ago.

Thanks for sharing! I noticed a sound while swallowing saliva n already been diagonised of gerd n gastric. Now it's pretty rare for me to have issues sometimes there are foods that I look at and realize that this isn't the day to eat them, but I haven't popped a pill for the issue in. Can't promise that exactly the same will happen to you, but it's definitely worth avoiding what's causing the irritation and letting yourself heal. I hope it works for you. This diet allows very little in the way of grains.

Thus my breads and muffins have been made with various nut flours. Stomach problems preceded this dietary change. Recently I read Dropping Acid, and am in my second week of the Induction diet. After reading Dropping Acid, I wasn't sure if I should change that, so I just made a bread out of several flours coconut, brown rice, soy, potato, flax , reducing the almond flour from 3 cups to 1.

Also, I recently began eating wild Alaskan salmon and wild tuna.

Barrett's esophagus: prevalence–incidence and etiology–origins

Both are organic, but are packed in a can. Thank you for your help. Reply Penny Hammond September 9, at am If you can't tolerate grains, then you should continue to avoid them no need to create symptoms when trying to avoid other symptoms. Nuts and seeds tend to be fatty, some more than others the authors say that because fatty foods can trigger reflux, nuts are only supposed to be eaten in small amounts on this diet.

So if you're baking bread with coconut flour, almond flour, and flax meal, you should only have a small amount. You could try a gluten-free flour such as Bob's Red Mill the only grain that contains is sorghum. There are canned foods in many of the recipes in this book, including canned tuna. Hope that helps. Reply Penny Hammond September 9, at pm Just realized that on the specific carbohydrate diet you can't have chestnut flour, garbanzo flour or fava bean flour, or the gluten-free flour. So that means that in your case you could only have a very small amount.

You could try eating low-nut and the rest of the recommendations in this book to give your reflux a chance to heal, then testing a higher amount of nuts to see if they're a trigger for you. Also, how long did it take you to heal everything? How can you know if something is your trigger because my symptoms are nothing but constant changing to my epiglottis or mucus in the throat. I think I am night time refluxer. It's many years since I went through an elimination program to overcome reflux, but I remember it taking months to heal.

I had a burning sensation, so it was easier for me to tell the trigger. Try getting to a baseline diet where you're not getting any symptoms elimination diet , then trying a food you might think is a trigger several times a day for 3 days to see whether you start getting the symptoms again reintroduction. I was prescribed Omezaporole, which has only dampened symptoms not taken them away, which I am still on.

I have followed the induction diet for a week and a half. The first week I really noticed a difference and even had a couple of days without any symptoms then I ate something that was too fatty and since then 4 days later everything I seem to eat sets my symptoms off. I have really reduced the foods that are on the reduction list as they seem to set off my symptoms feeling of something stuck in my throat, clearing of throat, croaky voice like wheat and coffee. I am nearly at the end of my 2 week induction and am just wondering if I need to do the induction for another week or so?

Reply Penny Hammond September 17, at am Hi Sara, The authors suggest doing the induction for weeks to allow healing. It sounds like you could benefit from it for a little longer. Reply Ro October 21, at pm. Hi It has been suggested to me to drink apple cider vinegar to help with silent reflux.

I have read the book Dropping Acid and I thought vinegar was to be avoided. Can you clarify this? See for yourself how it affects you personally do you notice an increase or a decrease in symptoms when you drink it regularly? Reply Ro October 22, at pm Thank you for your response. I have not trialed the ACV until I heard back from you. I have read the book Dropping Acid several times but did not recall that section on page 38 -until you pointed it out- because until my well meaning friend suggested ACV I had no intention of ingesting any vinegars. Thank you again! Marque por contenido inapropiado.

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