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Lessons From Lilith

The media will make their own assumptions. Any of those top three artists could charge exactly what Lilith is charging for their own concert. And here you are seeing all three, plus eight others. Was that a Lilith or a LiveNation decision? Lilith had really good ticket scaling, from pricey to not so pricey. Look at almost every single tour. This is not specific to any one tour right now. Every festival is getting hampered, some are getting cancelled outright, some have ticket sales that are way less than what anyone was thinking would happen.

We said from the start that we were going to do a traveling festival for two years, and then shift it to a destination.

After School SATAN Club: Parents outraged over plans to rival Christian lessons

We said that a year ago. No, none.

Example of our Lilith Plan - True Lovers (Twin Souls Makeup Chart)

We wanted to get all of those out there, for the ability to say, Look. Specifically in terms of Austin: I guess the venue never got announced, and tickets never went on sale? We never put the show up. Can you confirm?

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Edmonton had people. Calgary had like 9, Vancouver last night had 10, The venue fit 10, These are just people who are really focused on the ticket sales. And my challenge for the media is, Get off that. Lilith is more than a music festival. My open letter to the critics was, Come to Lilith, and then see if you want to criticize it afterwards.

Just look at all the fans tweeting. Grace Potter, Kate Miller — awesome. Absolutely awesome. Here I am now on the mainstage. I was unknown then. In our roundtable for the magazine, [Lilith co-founder] Sarah McLachlan told me she feels the tour this time is more of a want, and less of a need. How has that changed its fortunes this summer? Women dominated radio in general last year. All Top Triple A is actually album music.

So the goal was not to get those Top 40 people out on the road, but in fact to expose people —. To really good music, that has really deep meaning. Top 40 radio is not about deep meaning. Or Beyonce? No, we asked Gaga. We asked Beyonce. We asked them. They are valid too. Katy Perry almost did it.

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We asked everybody. I definitely would've looked at that.

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